Cutting Styles and Torch Tips in Plasma Cutting

plasmachillers-cutting-styles-20There are many different types of plasma cutting techniques. Each one of these are generated through a different type of tip on the torch, electrode, degree used, and material type/thickness. Bevel cutting has torch tips that are slim and pointed to create multiple angles. Holes can be precisely produced with plasma cutters. Depending on the type of material and how thick it is, diameters of the holes will vary. Different brand names, and machines will create a different type of hole. Cutting of gratings can be a difficult process. Gratings are metal structures that run perpendicular, and parallel of each other. They create a 90-degree angle in each square. Plasma gouging is the melting and removing of material. Much like water jet cutting which uses high pressure water to remove paint from structures, plasma cutting uses the same process.