Information on Industrial Computerized Plasma Cutters

Industrial Plasma Cutting

plasmachillers-plasma-cutters-13Industrial plasma cutting is most popular in manufacturing and processing plants. Because of the precise and high speed function of a plasma cutting machine, products are uniform. A plasma torch is great for cutting small shapes, but with the addition of a CNC program, (Computer Numerical Control), it can create larger pieces. An industrial plasma cutter uses an XY control motion straight torch which is mounted to a table. The straight torch is different from the curved handheld torch which allows the arm to carry it. The table allows a computer to create the cuts. The industrial plasma cutter has a multi axis rotation, and is capable of cutting very thick materials that a hand cutter cannot. Some CNC plasma cutters create pieces of art that are used for decorating a home, like signs, wall art, and garden art. CNC machines use a gantry system which is a long axis machine. Because the material is burning from plasma, a down draft is placed on the machine to keep the room cool and well ventilated.plasmachillers-plasma-cutters